Here's a fun game. Google Town of Northborough grants.  We'll wait.....Yea, we couldn't find any either.  But you know who is getting grants: almost every other town in the state. From Amesbury to Worcester, from Acton to Wilmington, towns are receiving millions of dollars from the state from MassWorks Infrastructure Program, the Shared Winter Streets and Spaces Program, Green Communities and more. Not Northborough though. Recently, the state announced a program called Community One Stop for Growth to make it easier to apply for grants and to streamline the application process so that a town can be considered for more than one grant simultaneously. And yet at the 1/25 Select Board meeting (at approximately 2 hour, 45 minute mark), the town administrator suggests raising taxes as the only alternative to Chapter 90 funds. Hmmm.....lets look at some neighboring towns