Election Day is May 11th at Melican Middle School. Polls are open 7am - 8pm. You can also vote by mail by requesting a mail-in ballot. Once completed, the request form can be emailed to the town clerk, placed in the secure drop box at Town Hall or mailed to this address:

Town Clerk

Town of Northborough

63 Main Street

Northborough, MA  01532



The Northborough Democratic Town Committee's Meet the Candidates You Tube video is linked here. Held on April 19th, it was an opportunity for candidates for Planning Board, the Board of Selectmen and the Regional School Committee to present their platform and answer submitted questions from residents. We highly recommend watching as it is a completely unbiased presentation of candidates' views and positions.


Planning Board

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Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton - Both Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton are the incumbents trying to get re-elected. They have been doing their best to uphold town by-laws which protect residents rather than just routinely approving waivers and permits for industrial developers. Their platform and track record are detailed below:






Their Facebook page is linked here and their website is linked here.

We strongly support the re-election of both Kerri and Anthony so they can continue to protect the interests of the citizens of Northborough while still ensuring our town is business friendly and thriving.


The Challengers

The two challengers for open spots on the Planning Board are Theresa Capobianco, a real estate attorney and Glenn Odone, a land surveyor. Ms. Capobianco was on the Planning Board from 2011-2019, when 700,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space on Bartlett St. was approved, including both the Gutierrez/Amazon distribution facility and the Fed Ex warehouse. In her current position on the Groundwater Advisory Committee, she agreed with the ZBA's granting of a variance on 1 Lyman St. for yet another warehouse and parking lot, this time atop Groundwater Overlay Protection 1, the closest to the aquifers, our backup water system. Clearly, there's no shame in her decision regarding the warehouse on 1 Lyman as she and her running mate currently have a sign on the property.





Based on her track record, we believe industrial developers' interests would take priority over residents if she were elected. Mr.Odone's brother-in-law is a developer.  Conflicts of interest on town boards and committees are at least partly responsible for the increasing number of warehouses, truck traffic and groundwater violations in Northborough. We want to move forward and not backwards and it's our belief that the challengers will make a bad situation even worse.


















Board of Selectmen

Kristen Wixted - Kristen's been instrumental in our fight against warehouses in town, and if elected, will represent what's best for the citizens of Northborough. Most importantly, she will take the time to listen to residents, both their concerns and their ideas. She is incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, curious and compassionate.  She can disagree with others while still being kind and a team player. A mom to three, she is also a children's book editor, writer, poet and environmental advocate. In her off time, she finds the most delightful places to hide her wildlife camera. When it's not catching trucks, it captures bobcats, secret waterfalls and babbling brooks. If you look really close, there's probably a blue spotted salamander in there too. We would be very lucky to have her on the Board of Selectmen. For more information on Kristen's platform, see below and like her Facebook page linked here.

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Julianne Hirsh -Along with Kristen, Save Bartlett is endorsing Julianne Hirsh for re-election. She has been a strong voice for residents on the Board and not afraid of deviating from the status quo if change is required. There are many times when Julianne seems to be the sole Selectman actually advocating for the residents who elected her. She has encouraged and implemented better communication between Town Hall and residents including easier access to Selectmen's emails and a more user friendly town website. We are inspired by her courage in speaking up. She and Kristen would be powerful allies on the Board as we try to right the ship.

Regional School Committee

Both Karen Ares and Mariam Ibrahimi support the Regional School Committee becoming active participants in helping resolve the traffic safety issues on Bartlett St. as they directly impact the student body. In our opinion, all of the candidates for RSC are rockstars but Karen and Mariam have made a concerted effort to stand up for Save Bartlett and we are so appreciative. Their Facebook pages are linked here:

Karen Ares

Mariam Imbrahimi